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Design Sketching (2005, 104 pages, Klara Sjölen and Erik Olofsson) is an innovative sketch technique book that has since its release in 2005 quickly become a bestseller and a highly regarded resource for designers, students and Universities throughout the world.

Rather than taking the traditional theoretical approach, its aim is to teach and inspire by displaying a broad collection of design sketches encompassing the entire design process. Twenty-four talented students from the Umeå Institute of Design, one of Europe’s best design schools, have contributed to the diverse material in the book.

Design Sketching includes basic theory, investigative and explorative sketches from the early stages of projects, explanatory sketches used to communicate, and persuasive sketches done to sell and express emotion. The book is rounded of with 6 step by step sketching tutorials.

Number of pages: 104

Language: English

Hardcover ISBN: 91-631-7394-8

Design Sketching