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What is the difference between the two books?
Design sketching was written with the main goal of creating a source of inspiration by showing a collection of different types of sketches. Learning Curves, whilst also aimed at providing a source of inspiration, has a much stronger emphasis on showing you how you can teach yourself to sketch.

Are there any student discount?
No, we cannot offer extra discounts for students.

Is the book available in retail shops in country x or on
Right now the book is not available in retail shops outside Sweden. Design Sketching is also not available at or other Internet bookstores.

Can I pay in a currency not linked to the region I want to ship the book to, i.e. pay in Euro when I live in USA?
No, you have to pay in Dollars when living outside EU (European Union) countries (i.e. USA), with Euro when living in EU countries, and in SEK when living in Sweden. This is due to taxation and shipping reasons.